Testing Information


Testing will be Saturday, August 4th.

Please register for testing as soon as you have all of your stripes.  Do not try to register before then.

If you register by Wednesday, August 1st you will receive a discount on testing.

You will still have until the last regular class day before testing to earn all of your stripes and still be able to register for testing.

All Adults, Brown Belts*, Red Belts*, Black Belts*, and Instructor Candidates will test at 10am.

*if you do not break your boards completely in two this is an automatic no change

All Junior White Belts through Junior Senior Blue Belts will test at noon.

Arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled testing time in order to prepare yourself properly.

Instructors will be available to go through your material prior to your testing if you arrive early.

Anyone who is late may not be allowed to test.

Any no-shows without an attempt to contact Master Dang will be automatic no-changes.  You will not be able to contact us the day of testing so you must leave an email or phone message explaining why you missed your testing.  It is up to Master Dang if you will be allowed to test at a later time.

White to Senior Blue testing is $60 with a $10 discount if you register by the Wednesday before testing.

Brown and Red Belt testing is $65 with a $10 discount if you register by the Wednesday before testing.

All Black Belts and Instructor candidates are required to sign up at least 2 weeks prior to the testing date.

July 20th is the deadline for Black Belts and Instructors to register for August testing.

You may register later than this, but you may not receive a belt (rank testing) or new jacket/ribbon (instructor testing) at awards.

Black Belt testing is $125 with a $25 discount if you register 2 weeks prior.

Instructor testing is $175 with a $25 discount if you register 2 weeks prior.

You must wear your full white uniform, clean and pressed with patches securely attached.  Orange belts and higher must have all of  your gear (including a groin protector for all males) labeled with your name.

The week before testing you will need to wear a full uniform, any color, to classes for practice.   Do this even if you haven’t gotten all your stripes but are trying to earn them in order to test.

Awards ceremony will be the Wednesday after testing.  You must wear your full white uniform, clean and pressed with patches securely attached.  You will not need you gear but you may want a change of clothes for games afterwards.

If you are interested in your child receiving a star for the tip of their new belt based on their academic achievement please pick up an academic achievement program sheet from the Taekwondo school for their teacher to fill out.  It must be returned to the Taekwondo school by the Tuesday before awards.  You may also print out a copy here Academic_Achievement_Program.


Master Dang has until Wednesday (the day of awards) to let you know your results.  You will only receive a phone call if you do not pass.  If he has to leave a message, please return the call to verify.  If you do not pass, he will contact you and discuss your results and how to improve next time.  Please do not challenge the decision.  It is final.  All results are voted on by the panel of black belts that observed your testing.

It is extremely disrespectful and grounds for dismissal from the school if you question you or your child’s results.

If you do not pass there is no charge to test again at the next testing, however, you must still attend class and meet attendance requirements in order to be eligible for the next testing.  You must also re-register for your next testing.